Foreclosed Homes In East Point GA

There are nearly two dozen foreclosed homes for sale in East Point right now. These homes are very popular when it comes to purchasing because they median selling price of these homes is much lower than the median selling price of homes that hare not in a financially distressed situation. View these listings by clicking the pictures of the homes below or by simply following this link to Foreclosures in East Point Ga. HUD homes in East Point can be viewed at the very bottom of this page.

Foreclosures happen when the owner of a home is not able to make their monthly payments. Banks then send some notices out, and after a few more steps, the homes are listed for sale, and the home is repossessed. Foreclosure listings are usually listed at what the remaining amount of the mortgage was worth, which is sometimes worth more or less than what the actual home is worth. That means that these can be a fantastic deal, or you might want to lowball the bank when trying to purchase these East Point REO homes.

Banks are willing to take lower offers often times because they don’t want to own real estate, they want people to have loans so they can begin collecting interest. So talk to a banker today about one of these homes to see what can be worked out for you.

East Point HUD Homes

There are only a small number of HUD homes for sale in East Point. When they are for sale though, these are the best prices on the market, hands down. These homes were originally an FHA loan, but after that defaulted the government repossessed the home. The government then prices the home very very low so that it will not have to deal with the foreclosure for long. HUD Homes in East Point GA.